cv word cloud

I did a wordle 



Extreme Armchair Internet Stalking

This has been entertaining me tonight –

Zoom right in and see all the planes queuing up to land at Heathrow

Find out where that one over the north sea is heading (Chicago, from Schiphol!)

See what’s flying over your house, in real time

Click on each plane to see the Top Trump details

… and isn’t it amazing to see how many planes are up there!


Uberfact about Nipples

Probably my most popular tweet ever :


I accidentally got my reply in super quick, and got first reply on a post by a tweeter with 3,665,842 followers worldwide.

Now, it doesn’t sound so popular… how many of those international millions were actually online at that moment, and how many of them wanted to reply, and how many of them wanted to fave or share my reply?

I have no idea if the fact is true or not – their tweets always  sound feasible but this one? Well you saw my immediate response above; I’m not so sure. Whatever, the original post received 7,153 re-tweets and 1,502 favourites (at time of posting).

Nevermind, 29 faves on my tweet made me smile.

Bad facebook, very bad.

I saw this on my facebook feed just now. Seriously? They are promoting SPAM?