A Fatheaded Carol – featuring excellent wigs and bonus pineapple

I’m starting to enjoy amateur dramatics. Not to be roped into the stress of performing myself but instead to be willingly subjected to the supremely brave efforts of part-time actors and supporters of varying talents, who most of the time don’t take themselves too seriously.

The attractions are obvious: you get a low-cost, local, often fairly exclusive (!) evening of entertainment, with lots to talk about afterwards.

As soon as I saw mention of Fat-headed Chunks’ performance of Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol” I knew I wanted to see it – who could refuse? A touring show covering lots of small village halls across north Cumbria, starring some faces starting to be familiar to me and the bonus of one old friend I’ve known for a long time.

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Notes from Lindisfarne trip 18-11-12

I love Holy Island [near Berwick-upon-Tweed, AKA Lindisfarne].

I used to live in the area and was a regular visitor then, but I fell in love with it during a visit many years earlier with friends. Over the years, over repeated visits, I keep discovering new places – something still surprising considering the place only covers about 2 square miles.

Last Sunday, we travelled early to catch sunrise at the tidal causeway.  The weather was expected to be calm, clear and cold, so we were both wrapped up in several layers. Parking at the causeway carpark, we walked as far as we could across the causeway (photo).  Brian set up his tripod & took photos.

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Three views : the Lindisfarne experiment

We visited Lindisfarne yesterday and one of the missions was to take our own version of this photo by David Byrne, the controversial winner-then-loser of the Landscape Photographer of the Year (Brian’s pic of Long Meg was awarded a “commended”).


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Sunny Saturday


Southerness Lighthouse

We’d heard about plans to light up the lighthouse… an opportunity not to be missed …

Brian got a great photo and it has been used in the December 2012 issue of the “Dumfries & Galloway Life” magazine.

Mine will be on flickr soon, but for now:

Juicy Bead

Juicy Bead