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by Nigel Swift 

We’re big fans of student-run archaeology journal “The Post Hole” but I’d like to take strong issue with one statement in their guest article (by an ex-FLO) about the Portable Antiquities Scheme:

“The twofold approach taken in England and Wales, then, is beneficial, as the vast majority of finds are recorded with the PAS on a voluntary basis”. 

The vast majority of finds? I beg to differ. Our Artefact Erosion Counter, expressed visually here for the very first time, suggests the opposite.

Artefact Counter as at March 2013

The Counter is a harmless little concept that brings us loads of grief. If only PAS would show it is wrong! But no, it’s only rubbished. It “lacks credibility” [Head of PAS], it’s “based on nothing but presumptions and inaccuracies” [Detector retailer on Britarch] it “should be viewed with contempt” [Head of NCMD]. (I wholeheartedly concur…

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cv word cloud

I did a wordle 


“Family Heirlooms” – or get your jugs out

Other people have jewellery, furniture, paintings, houses even – what do we have?


And, a photo of the jugs. This was taken in my great grandmother’s kitchen about 100 years ago.

The Teapot Photo edit2

The two large flowery jugs at top right are mostly green with small pink flowers, my Mam has one of them, and also the one at the right end of the second shelf which is styled like a barrel.

The others tend to be various shades of brown and gold – I recognise a few of them as still being in the family.

I seem to remember that photographs were quite expensive to process in those days so I’m quite impressed that someone saw fit to take this image – Instagram before its time, perhaps?

Extreme Armchair Internet Stalking

This has been entertaining me tonight –

Zoom right in and see all the planes queuing up to land at Heathrow

Find out where that one over the north sea is heading (Chicago, from Schiphol!)

See what’s flying over your house, in real time

Click on each plane to see the Top Trump details

… and isn’t it amazing to see how many planes are up there!


The Cure for Hiccups

Yes, you heard me – the cure.

This works particularly well with those painful, hard hiccups, the sort you get when you’ve had too much wine or eaten too much (not sure why else you would get hiccups to be honest).

Just ordinary vinegar – anything you have handy – premium or bog standard. as long as it’s full strength.


So by now you’re thinking, “But it’ll taste horrible! What sort of person takes vinegar straight?” – Well, someone who wants to get rid of their hiccups, that’s who.

All you need is one teaspoonful to see the effects. It’s nothing to do with the chemistry – in fact if you’ve overdone it with food or drink the chances are that your stomach is too acidic and this will only add to it – no, this is to do with control of the diaphragm.

Hold the teaspoonful of vinegar in front of you – preferably over the sink or something because let’s face it, you’re probably going to spill it – and think about how painful it would be if you hiccuped* WHILE you’re trying to have that spoonful. I’ve done it – it hurts, believe me. In order for you not to hiccup, you need to control your breathing. You need to concentrate. Get in the vinegar zone. Ready?

Now, carefully pour out and drink the vinegar. DON’T HICCUP!

Now wait. If you hiccup again, take another spoonful. Oh, and don’t forget to breathe.

Have your hiccups gone? No? Well click here to get your money back.


*why does this not have two p’s? And, why do we put an apostrophe in “p’s”?


Uberfact about Nipples

Probably my most popular tweet ever :


I accidentally got my reply in super quick, and got first reply on a post by a tweeter with 3,665,842 followers worldwide.

Now, it doesn’t sound so popular… how many of those international millions were actually online at that moment, and how many of them wanted to reply, and how many of them wanted to fave or share my reply?

I have no idea if the fact is true or not – their tweets always  sound feasible but this one? Well you saw my immediate response above; I’m not so sure. Whatever, the original post received 7,153 re-tweets and 1,502 favourites (at time of posting).

Nevermind, 29 faves on my tweet made me smile.

Daisy Daisy

I fancied a change to my twitter background, so I had a little play about and designed this image. I liked it so much I decided to use it here, too.

Feel free to use it – I hope it brightens your day up as much as it does mine – it would be great if you let me know though cos then I can tell people about your blog or twitter ID too.

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