Out of Interest, do you Pinterest?

Here’s a link to mine:



Uberfact about Nipples

Probably my most popular tweet ever :


I accidentally got my reply in super quick, and got first reply on a post by a tweeter with 3,665,842 followers worldwide.

Now, it doesn’t sound so popular… how many of those international millions were actually online at that moment, and how many of them wanted to reply, and how many of them wanted to fave or share my reply?

I have no idea if the fact is true or not – their tweets always ¬†sound feasible but this one? Well you saw my immediate response above; I’m not so sure. Whatever, the original post received¬†7,153 re-tweets and 1,502 favourites (at time of posting).

Nevermind, 29 faves on my tweet made me smile.


I recently volunteered to set up a page for #cumbriahour – a weekly twitter networking event.

It’s just until we get a better / flashier / more costly website!

Here it is: #cumbriahour

Took me about an hour to do. Bless WordPress.

Twitter background pic – winter

Twitter background pic - winter

Great Bear, Full Moon, Clouds, pink sky, snow