Ding dong … where were YOU when you heard?

I had just got back to my desk after having a shower.

One of my Facebook friends had shared a link to the Wizard of Oz, “Ding Dong the Witch is Dead” …

Another one announced that all weekend plans were cancelled as a bit party was to be arranged.

Others are already debating whether she did good or bad.

So – the most famous Food Scientist (after Magnus Pyke) is dead.

There’s a guy cutting the grass on my housing estate with ear protectors on – he probably doesn’t know.



Skull Features

When I was about 15 my best friend Sarah and I spent quite a lot of time playing the current craze that was Trivial Pursuit – while playing her dad’s old 1970’s rock records, which I now realise was another sort of education.

So one day we were sitting playing yet another game – my favourite cheeses were green (science), blue or pink – and she liked blue or orange, but preferably blue – geography. She knew all the capital cities, lakes, major rivers etc. We were both a bit precocious and didn’t like when we got questions wrong, which made us competitive, but we were pretty equal so the games usually went along quickly and amicably.

One occasion sticks in my mind though – Skull Features.

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Notes from Lindisfarne trip 18-11-12

I love Holy Island [near Berwick-upon-Tweed, AKA Lindisfarne].

I used to live in the area and was a regular visitor then, but I fell in love with it during a visit many years earlier with friends. Over the years, over repeated visits, I keep discovering new places – something still surprising considering the place only covers about 2 square miles.

Last Sunday, we travelled early to catch sunrise at the tidal causeway.  The weather was expected to be calm, clear and cold, so we were both wrapped up in several layers. Parking at the causeway carpark, we walked as far as we could across the causeway (photo).  Brian set up his tripod & took photos.

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I had wanted a Kindle for ages but (a) thought I didn’t read enough to justify it and (b) didn’t know anyone who had one so I could look before I bought. Then a couple of years ago I decided my New Year’s resolution was to read more, and I did: I managed to get through a few “real” books, including no fewer than 3 mighty tomes:…


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