Shocking …

The Heritage Journal

by Nigel Swift 

We’re big fans of student-run archaeology journal “The Post Hole” but I’d like to take strong issue with one statement in their guest article (by an ex-FLO) about the Portable Antiquities Scheme:

“The twofold approach taken in England and Wales, then, is beneficial, as the vast majority of finds are recorded with the PAS on a voluntary basis”. 

The vast majority of finds? I beg to differ. Our Artefact Erosion Counter, expressed visually here for the very first time, suggests the opposite.

Artefact Counter as at March 2013

The Counter is a harmless little concept that brings us loads of grief. If only PAS would show it is wrong! But no, it’s only rubbished. It “lacks credibility” [Head of PAS], it’s “based on nothing but presumptions and inaccuracies” [Detector retailer on Britarch] it “should be viewed with contempt” [Head of NCMD]. (I wholeheartedly concur…

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